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Employer Roadmap

Organizations today seek many creative ways to gain a competitive edge and remain successful. An organization’s most valuable asset is its human capital. Today we face a shrinking workforce as a direct result of globalization and baby boomers reaching retirement. Companies are becoming increasingly competitive in their efforts to attract and retain employees.

Hiring foreign-trained professionals is a strategic business decision as it can offer an organization the leading edge it needs to prosper and gain a competitive advantage. Many employers are aware that skilled immigrants and internationally trained professionals are valuable assets to their organizations. Immigrants bring with them not only solid career experience and extensive training but also unique global expertise.

Despite the potential benefits that foreign-trained workers bring to the workplace this valuable resource has largely remained untapped. One reason could be that many organizations and employers are daunted by the hiring process.

Hireimmigrants.ca and Maytree have provided information for employers on how to attract and retain foreign-trained professionals. The Hire Immigrants Roadmap, below, is an interactive step-by-step guide that provides employers with tools and resources to help them attract, retain and successfully integrate immigrants into their workforce.

Take a tour of the Employer Road Map and discover how it can benefit you and your organization!