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Seniors Services

As of 2011, about one in five residents of the City of Peterborough were over the age of 65. Peterborough’s population is slightly older than that of the Province of Ontario as a whole. Older adults living in the City of Peterborough benefit from a range of services and programs including:


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Social and affordable housing units available specifically to seniors in the City of Peterborough can be accessed through the Housing Resources Centre.There are 8 registered retirement homes in the City of Peterborough. Retirement homes are privately operated and provide varying levels of health and support services including personal care support, fitness activities, and meal service. You can search for registered retirement homes through the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority.

There are four long-term care homes in the City of Peterborough. Long-term care homes are government funded housing facilities that provide more intensive forms of health and personal support. The Central East Community Care Access Centre (Central East CCAC) is responsible for coordinating the placement of patients into long-term care homes in the Peterborough region.

Health and Community Services

There is one regional hospital in the City of Peterborough: The Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC). PRHC offers emergency medical services, and various screening and treatment services. PRHC also houses a number of clinics that offer specialized geriatric services.

Physician services in Peterborough are coordinated through the Peterborough Family Health Team. Family and community health services are also offered locally through the VON 360 clinic.

Specialized community-support programs for seniors are available through a number of local non-profit charitable organizations including Community Care PeterboroughVON, Alzheimer Society, the Elder Abuse Network, the Canadian Mental Health Association, and the Canadian Hearing Society.

Income Supports

The Federal Government of Canada provides income-based services and benefits for seniors including Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), and Guaranteed Income Support (GIS). Service Canada, a federal agency, administers these programs.

Information Services

211 Ontario provides up-to-date information about social and health service organization across Ontario. The service can be accessed online or by dialing 2-1-1 on the telephone.

The Peterborough Council on Aging (PCOA) is a new community-based group that helps coordinate and advocate for improved services for seniors in the Peterborough region. The PCOA hosts two annual events for seniors: the Seniors Summit, a conference style event with speakers and panels, and the Seniors Showcase a trade-show style event with workshops and an ‘agency village’.

The Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat publishes a comprehensive guide to services and programs for seniors in Ontario which is available in 16 languages.

Recreation Programs

There are three seniors’ activity centres in the City of Peterborough that offer a variety of social and recreational opportunities tailored to older adults: Activity HavenMapleridge Recreation Centre, and the McDonnel St. Activity Centre.

Recreation programs for older adults are also available at the three major recreation facilities in the City: the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre, the Balsillie Family Branch YMCA, and the Trent Athletics Centre.

The Peterborough Public library offers programs for older adults, including book clubs and computer training workshops. The library collection also includes a variety of large format print books and audiobooks.