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Who can help me in the first days

The city of Peterborough has various agencies which serve newcomers, immigrants and refugees. They can provide assistance with your settlement.

New Canadians Centre (NCC)

The NCC is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to supporting immigrants, refugees and other newcomers in the Peterborough area and easing their process of adjusting to a new life in Canada.

They provide a variety of services to newcomers, including immigration assistance, settlement help, assistance with accessing services, learning or improving your English and employment counselling. The NCC hosts many classes and workshops to help you with your computer skills, prepare for your Canadian citizenship test or learn a new language.

At the NCC you can also pick up the Peterborough Welcome Pass. This pass provides free or discounted admission to a variety of cultural, arts and recreational organizations and programs and is available to anyone who is new to Peterborough and has gone through the immigration process.

Peterborough Immigration Partnership (PIP)

Formerly Peterborough Partnership Council on Immigrant Integration (PPCII) – The PIP exists to promote, advance and support coordinated immigrant integration in the Peterborough community.

Casa Maria Refugee Homes

Casa Maria is a non-profit organization in Peterborough that supports and offers safe temporary shelter to refugees and refugee claimants regardless of race, social status, religion or cultural tradition. Casa Maria homes are owned and operated by the Sisters of St Joseph of Peterborough, Ontario, a registered Canadian charity.

Their three homes are located near the downtown core where families have easy access to shopping, local schools, churches and transportation. They have welcomed families from over 35 countries.

Aside from providing shelter to refugees, Casa Maria also helps them with the claims application process, with making medical appointments for new families, with accessing community support services, with enrolling children in local schools, with encouraging and seeking opportunities for English language instruction and seeking out professional counselling as required.

Welcome Wagon

Welcome Wagon is a free service that welcomes newcomers to a community. They provide community information, maps, recommendations for services and stores, gifts and coupons from local businesses.

Trent International Program (TIP)

The TIP has a strong and proud history of commitment to internationalizing undergraduate education and has been a leader in Canada for providing personalized support to international students. TIP offers an exciting opportunity for students from many countries to live and study together in a truly global community. They provide service, support, information and a sense of home to many international students.

Fleming College International Student Services

The Fleming College International Education Office has staff that will assist international students with orientation, immigration, housing, academic, medical and banking requirements.