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The First Days

This is the list of fourteen things to do in your first weeks in Ontario, Canada:

  1. Apply for a Social Insurance Number. You can do this at Service Canada. 
  2. Apply for a health card. In Ontario, you can apply for the health card as soon you arrived. You can do this at Service Ontario.
  3. Apply for the Canada Child benefits. It is a benefit the federal government is given to parents who has children under 18 years old. For more information on who is eligible and how to apply for CCB, complete the Canada Child Benefits Application (RC66) form. 
  4. Open a bank account. Here you can find a list of documents you will need to open a bank account. 
  5. Apply for a Driver’s license. DriveTest Centres offer driver licensing and examination services, such as knowledge tests and road tests, on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). 
  6. Locate a Settlement Agency. Once in Peterborough please call the New Canadians Centre to make an appointment. 
  7. Locate the Community Health Centre near you. The Peterborough Walk-in clinic and Peterborough Regional Hospital are both located in Peterborough city. Bring your health card, private insurance card or the Interim Federal Health document. 
  8. Locate your local employment resource centre. In Peterborough there are several centres you can visit. You can also speak with an employment counsellor at the New Canadians Centre
  9. Locate a library. Peterborough Public Library has valuable resources for the whole family. 
  10. Get information on your rights as an employee and a tenant
  11. Get proof of your child’s immunization to register to school. 
  12. Get maps of streets and public transportation routes. Peterborough Public Transit operates. 
  13. Consider an English class for yourself. The New Canadians Centre offers free English training programs
  14. For more information on what you should do during your first two weeks in Ontario visit Settlement.org.