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Places of Worship

Cathedral of St Peter in Chains

Peterborough welcomes people of all faiths.

We have numerous churches from many different Christian denominations.

The mosque in the city is Masjid Al-Salaam and is run by the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association.

For the Jewish community, the Beth Israel Synagogue has been in existence in Peterborough since the early 1900s.

Those who practice Buddhism have the Buddhist Place available to them in Peterborough.  The Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden is a Buddhist temple in the Bethany Hills area, 20 minutes south of Peterborough.  The Dharma Centre of Canada is located about an hour north of Peterborough, in Kinmount.  The Palyul Foundation of Canada is near Madoc and the Zen Forest can be found near Tweed, both about an hour east of Peterborough.

Members of all religious communities work hard to make Peterborough a great place to live. While respectful of their unique differences, different faith groups in Peterborough also strive to work together. 

Other local faith communities include Jain, Sikh, Baha’i, Quaker (Society of Friends). The New Canadians Centre can help connect you to all local faith communities.