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Peterborough is known as a “green” and progressive City when it comes to the environment, incorporating environmentally friendly practices in our lifestyles, our community, and way of life.

How is garbage collected?

City provides weekly collection of garbage, recycling, and composting from the curbside of every house and business. Information on waste management services  is available on the City’s website.

Young boy and girl standing behind garbage and recycling on the curbside that's ready to be picked up

Where can I purchase a recycling blue box?

To purchase a recycling blue box refer to waste management services available on City’s website.

What can I recycle?

For information on what can be recycled refer to waste management services on City’s website.

Parks and trails

Peterborough has a number of beautiful parks and trails. The City’s extensive trails and bikeways enable residents to walk or bike throughout the City, and even connect to the national Trans Canada Trail.

Ice pads and arenas

Information on ice pads and arenas is available on the City’s website.

Beaches, wading pools and splash pads

There are two public beaches, five supervised wading pools and four splash pads in Peterborough. The City’s website offers more information on these facilities as well as the map of wading pools and slash pads in the area.


B!ke, a community bike shop, offers residents the opportunity to learn how to perform their own bicycle maintenance. They also offer “Earn-a-Bike” program for adults and youth where you completely rebuild a bicycle that you get to keep.

Sustainable transportation 

For information on active and sustainable transportation options, visit Peterborough Moves.


GreenUp is an environmental leader in programs, services, and education, even offering a GreenUp store of local, environmental products.

Recreational opportunities

A listing of free events in Peterborough is located under Free in Peterborough. This is a resource guide for activities to do and places to see in Peterborough and area. There is a multitude of recreational opportunities. You just need to get out and explore!