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Are you thinking of immigrating to Canada or have recently arrived? This website contains information to help you choose Peterborough as your destination and settle here. Peterborough values newcomers and the skills, experience and knowledge you bring. Take time to explore this website and learn more about Peterborough. Make our community yours!

Why Choose Peterborough

Settler Stories


Dean Pappas

Why I Chose Peterborough

With only 10 dollars in his pocket, Bill Pappas, Dean's father, arrived in Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia more than 50 years ago. He had fought the Nazis, escaped from Communist re-education camps, and was determined to pursue his dreams. His immediate priority was to make enough money to pay for his wife Tula’s passage from Greece. His goal was to build a home and raise his family in Canada.

Eventually, Bill made his way to Peterborough and purchased the pool hall on George Street from his cousin. He and his wife started a family here, and today, the Pappas name is a familiar one in the community. "That is what immigrants do. They help build cities and countries. They enrich communities. They come to this country to build a better life, and that is what Canada does well. It is a country of new Canadians and that is the story of Canada." reflects Bill’s son, Dean.

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Ali and Mostafa

Ali & Mostafa

Why I chose Peterborough

If you know where the New Canadians Centre is, then you are a two-minute walk away from Ali and Mostafa’s Village of Thai. This popular restaurant is the latest addition to a chain of restaurants owned and operated by Ali and Mostafa’s family.

The family moved to Canada in the late ‘90s from Bangladesh. They first moved to Toronto, where they had the support of other family members. When the opportunity to purchase a restaurant in Peterborough presented itself, the Rahman brothers did not hesitate.

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Farah Zafarzadeh

Farah Zafarzadeh

Why I Chose Peterborough

I grew up in a big family in Afghanistan. When the Soviets invaded, we sought refuge in Iran, leaving behind relatives and friends. When the war in Afghanistan continued and the Taliban took over, we decided to head to Canada as refugees. We landed in Toronto on September 15, 1995. That was a great day.

We ended up in a women’s shelter as we had nowhere to go. While it was certainly nice to have a roof over our heads, the atmosphere there was bad, and it scared me. My sons hated being in the shelter and I had to remind them it was not meant to be forever.

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Fadhil Al-Sarraj

Fadhil Al-Sarraj

Why I Chose Peterborough

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq, to a family of business people. None of our relatives were university graduates. However, my father was different; he wanted to pursue higher education, working during the day and attending school at night. Often, he and I would study and write exams at the same time. He set a wonderful example for me.

He finished his business degree in the same year I started high school. I spent most of my time studying because I wanted to be a pharmacist. I became a licensed pharmacist at 20 years old. Later, I decided to pursue my doctorate in pharmacy in England.

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The Greater Peterborough Area

The Greater Peterborough area is home to approximately 140,000 residents. It offers an exceptional quality of life, affordable cost of living and access to first-rate educational institutions. We are one of Canada's most walkable cities.

A safe and clean city, Peterborough is a short drive from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. The area offers the ideal mix of city and country living. Close proximity to markets in Canada and the United States makes it a great place to start a business.

With so much to be proud of, no wonder people in Peterborough are the happiest in Ontario! Come and experience it for yourself. Make our community yours!

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Weather in Peterborough, ON

The weather in Peterborough follows four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall (autumn) and winter. January is the coldest month of the year, and July is the warmest. Temperature is measured in degrees Celsius.